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Beginning as a handful of invited industry executives exchanging ideas, Asembia's annual customer meeting has become the nation's premier specialty pharmacy conference. Asembia's Specialty Pharmacy Summit now attracts thousands of attendees for business workshops, educational seminars, exhibits, and live continuing education credits, along with numerous networking and social events.

Originally founded as Armada Health Care, Asembia led the way in shaping the specialty pharmacy channel we know today. Asembia was the first organization to establish and promote specialty pharmacy as a distinct trade class and concurrently developed the leading group purchasing organization (GPO) focused on this segment.

Asembia has always led the industry with cutting-edge technology solutions for pharmacy systems, including the introduction of ReachRx and ApproveRx. These products inspired the development of Asembia-1, a dynamic specialty pharmacy workflow platform which integrates with most current pharmacy dispensing systems. Asembia-1 has changed the industry and is now used by a growing number of nationally recognized specialty pharmacies.

To meet the needs of our specialty pharmacy industry partners, Asembia developed a customizable and scalable HUB service model for best-in-class patient support. Introducing multiple patient support centers located from coast to coast, the HUB service division continues to be one of Asembia’s fastest areas of growth.

As specialty pharmacy began to evolve, Asembia adapted and expanded new services to meet the unique needs of the industry including the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Network (ASPN). As the industry’s first national network of specialty pharmacies, it enabled prescription transfer services for member pharmacies as well as scalable network solutions for manufacturer partners, prescribers, and other stakeholders.