Technology Solutions

Driving progress for specialty pharmacy

For more than a decade, Asembia has been developing and perfecting state-of-the-art technology designed to continuously improve overall care for specialty pharmacy patients. These custom programs and platforms support pharmacies and the evolving needs of patients, prescribers, and pharma/biotech manufacturers.

Specialty pharmacy workflow platform to optimize overall patient management

Prescriber Portals

Streamlined referrals and full visibility of Rx status data

PA Solutions

PA and ePA repository to find, fill and track PA status

Manufacturer Dashboard

Real-time prescription status, dynamic custom data reporting

Pharmacy Analytics

Measured clinical and operational pharmacy performance data

Direct Access

Consumer websites and mobile apps to enable patient engagement

Custom Solutions

Technology solutions tailored to fit each program and product

Pharmacy Finder

Match location and patient plan with payer to select the right filling pharmacy

Compliance Tools

Optimize patient adherence to improve outcomes

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